Providing individual and cost effective
coating solutions

Our coating do not absorb and conform
to the requirements to durability
and wear resistance, weathering resistance,
laser exposure, acid and alkaline exposure,
as well as temperature resistance.

Scope of application

Anti-reflective coatings
Glossy coatings  (mirror)
Protective coatings
Parting coatings
Dichroic filters
Broad band coatings
Metal coatings
Dielectric coatings
(do nor absorb, possess high reflective abilities)

Industries of coating








Solar Panel




Scientific Research

Why work with us?

We have deep knowledge in all steps of product development for plastic optical lenses.

We support our customers from optical engineering & prototyping to serial production.

15 years of expertise
Designing complicated and comprehensive solutions
Full support from idea
to postproduction
Guaranteed cost effectiveness
Flexible Quantities
Quick timing

Our clients

"Lars helped us with ray tracing an optical design for a consumer device and got us connected to a plastics distributor. He delivered the results quickly and in an easy to digest manner that gave us great confidence to proceed with our design. I would recommend ALL-IN OPTICS for any plastic optics challenges!"

"Lars quickly finds himself in complex and challenging tasks. We are very grateful for his support and the added value provided, and we recommend his services without reservation. Our intensive cooperation so far has resulted in not only significant progress in our production technology, but also an initial patent application with him as co-inventor."

"It was possible for us to optimize our Lens Design due to fast and precise prototyping of optical structures by ALL-IN OPTICS - also the risk was minimized before investing in to serial production moulds"

Mike Sendler
Mill & Sons GmbH

Lars Nakotte

10 years of experience in plastic optical manufacturing

Benefit from our strong network
and experience

From being an mouldsmaking-apprentice
in plastic optical tooling at Fujifilm Recording Media to project-managemenet & plant-management ending up with his own company in the plastic optical industry.

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additional questions?

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